Corey Dimond

Designer, Animator


A versatile designer with a passion for creating great work.

I’m interested in light and space.
Expert knowledge of most aspects of 3d animation and design - from film to television, video games to live music visuals. I like to think I possess a keen ability to adapt to new technologies quickly as well as innovate and streamline production.
I'm a father to a boy. I'm obsessed with Walstad Aquariums, Motorcycles, Nature, Computers, Music, Documentary Film, Food, Dogs, Architecture, Travel, Learning, and on and on and on.
I approach everything I do, hopefully, as a beginner would and believe as long as I stay open to discovery and feedback I will continue to learn and grow the rest of my life.


Motion Design

A balanced and diverse portfolio of work that demonstrates different techniques of motion design and animation with an understanding of different rendering techniques, and technically proficient across different skills within motion design.

CG Generalist

Shown artistic and innovate eye, understanding design principles as well as motion design. Sensitive to design theory, layout, graphic design and visual skills beyond keyframes and technical knowledge.


A working understanding and proven knowledge of Cinema4D, After Effects and Adobe CC.
Training in Maya and experience in Zbrush, Substance, Marvelous Designer, World Machine.
An interest in Houdini, Unreal and many other software.


  • c4d
  • redshift
  • xparticles
  • octane
  • zbrush
  • maya
  • marvelous designer
  • substance
  • after effects
  • photographyhop
  • illustrator
  • fusion360
  • nuke
  • OS X
  • Windows
  • Linux


Designer and Animator - CEO

Corey Dimond inc | Los Angeles, CA

Mar. 2018 - Present

    2d/3d Generalist, Motion Graphics Artist, Art Direction, Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, Animating, Look Dev in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Richmond, Tampa, Seoul.

    Contracted with The Mill, Buck, Elastic, Electric Theatre Collective, Imaginary Forces, Schema Media, Trailer Park, Fellow, Mousetrappe, Hammer Creative and more.

    Worked on projects led by directors like Taika Waititi, Peter Jackson, James Cameron, Michel Gondry, Patrick Clair, Es Devlin, M Dougherty, Eric Demeusy, Jeff Han, Beeple and Figge and more.

    Clients like Apple, Samsung, Google, Facebook, Cheetos, Olay, Honda,, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Netflix, Disney, Ping, GMC, NFL and more.

Design and Animation Freelancer

Various | Los Angeles, CA

Nov. 2014 - Mar. 2018

    Contracted with Hue & Cry, Ntropic, Motomo Studio, Gen Pop, Two Bit Circus VR, Picture Mill, Zoic Studios, Big Machine, Famous Group, Troika, New Zealand VFX, Deep Animation, Possible Productions.

    Art Direction, Look Development, Design, Lighting, Modeling, Animation, Rigging, Particles, VFX, Rendering, Comp.

Illustrator and Animator

Fulcrum Labs (formerly Ketchum Labs) | Los Angeles, CA

May 2012 - Oct 2014

    Illustration, animation, and writing on Adapt Education Courseware.

Cinematic Animator

Playstation | San Diego, CA

Jan 2011 - Sept 2011

    Facial animation on Infamous 2. Body animation and motion editing on Uncharted 3.

    Key Responsibilities:

        Cinematic Body Animator for Uncharted 3 (2011) Director: Amy Hennig, Animation Director: Thomas Bland
        Cinematic Facial Animator for Infamous 2 (2011) Creative Director: Nate Fox

Facial Motion Editor

Weta Digital | Wellington, New Zealand

Nov 1007 - May 2010

    Facial tracking, solving and animating on

        Avatar (1009) Director: James Cameron, Animation Director: Andy Jones.
        Tintin (2011) Director: Steven Spielberg, Animation Director: Jamie Beard.

    Key Responsibilities:

        Facial animation 100 + shots with over 100 hero shots. Facial Animation on background characters on over 100 shots with as many as 130 characters in a shot
        Helped host a Life Drawing class for fellow co­workers
        Pipeline setup and documentation for upcoming features at the time such as Planet of the Apes and Tintin.


Media Design School of Auckland, New Zealand | Diploma of Computer Animation with Merit

Jul 1006

        Animation “intensive” course in fundamentals utilising Maya and After Effects.

        Founding member, Rumblings Art Collective.
        Extensive Life Drawing courses.

University of New Mexico | Attended Media Arts and Studio Arts Courses.

1999 - 1002

        Focus on cameras, editing, illustration, painting

Minneapolis College of Art and Design | Photography and Animation Summer Course


        Introduced to the first version of photoshop